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Gömstället - 0 - 8 Years
Kaktus - 9 years and up


The shop Gömstället that mean The Hiding Place in Swedish was born when I, as a children’s physical therapist on maternity leave, decided to do something new. I remodelled our garage and turned into a shop.

Children’s clothing and toys had always remained close to my heart, and since the market for this was quite limited at that time, the choice fell rather naturally on this area.

The year was 1989, and between breast feedings and diaper changings I recieved the customers who found their way to the shop. However Gömstället ( Transl ’the Hiding Place’ ) was avery fitting name for the place at that time.

Since then Gömstället has evolved into a significantly bigger lifestyle shop for kids where we in addition to children’s wear and toys sell childrens carriages,  children’s furninshing and decor. We work with both established designers such as Ralph Lauren, Tommy HilfigerPetit Bateau and Bugaboo, but also with new or not so well known brands that we find at exhibitions around Europé.

The shop is no longer so much a ’Hiding place’, but is located in the heart of central Helsingborg.


Lena Bergkrans Hofbard